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How to Have a Dope Social Media Presence

Are you tired of getting under 100 likes on your grams? Are you constantly having to text people to comment on  your new profile picture? That’s so lame and embarrassing  for you! Don’t worry, there are things that can be done to make yourself more cool, hip, and friggity fresh on the “medias” so that you can obtain your self-worth through the meaningless accumulation of other people’s approval of your photos. Here’s how!


  1. Be Self-deprecating

If you want guaranteed compliments from friends, simply caption any photo of yourself with a statement about how unattractive you are. Your loyal followers will jump to your defense and tell you that you are a hot potato 4 sure no doubt.




2) Move to a more aesthetically pleasing place.


Does your life take place in an ugly part of the world? Do you struggle to find good lighting in your hometown or something that will receive many of the likes?



There is a simple solution, move! Simply tell your parents that it’s’ easier to take sweet grams if you lived in a place like LA or NYC because they have cooler brunch places and more stylish people for the background. They will completely understand, it is 2017 after all.

3)  Get better friends

Having unattractive or unpopular friends in your posts will hold you back. To gain some sweet likes you need to befriend beautiful people with many followers that will be in your photos; Then people will like you and your photos by association. Genius


A frequent user of this strategy is Taylor Swift. She only befriends models, actors, or actors that could also be models if they weren’t busy being actors. As you can see from the photo below, Taylor only appears in photos with her super hot and famous friends, like at her fourth of july party. She also received 1.9 million likes on this pic. Coincidence? Doubt it.

Giphs from giphy.com 

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