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How to Beat the St. Louis Heat

We've all felt the same life-altering relief as we enter a cool, highly air conditioned building on campus. As the summer stickiness lingers, and the heat remains greater. than. necessary., here are a few ways to escape sweltering STL.



1.) Grab a smoothie. Some great spots include Kayaks, Jamba Juice, Smoothie King, and Seedz Cafe.




2.) Jump in the pool. THAT'S RIGHT! Wash U has a pool. It's in-between the Millbrooks. Be there or be square.




3.) Get dinner outside. When it gets dark and the air cools off, enjoying a meal outside, especially with a great group of friends, always makes you feel better.




4.) Hit up an amazing STL museum. The City Museum, SLAM, and even Kemper Art Museum (on campus), are incredible St. Louis treasures that we are lucky to have in our backyard.



Lizzie is a sophomore, majoring in Film and Poli Sci at Wash U. She loves sloths, pizza, Tina Fey, and pizza! 
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