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If you’re struggling to come up with ideas about what to send a friend for their birthday, as a thank you gift, Valentine’s day surprise, or anything in between, you can never go wrong with dessert. There’s an increasing number of bakeries and local shops willing to ship their items nationwide. If you need some help with dessert inspiration that you can have shipped, you’ve come to the right place. 



Goldbelly ships products from all over the country. You can order anything from seafood to birthday cake to famous New York pizza and have it arrive right at your doorstep. Goldbelly is the perfect place to search because they have so many options — especially if you want to send someone an item that reminds them of home. Unfortunately, Goldbelly items are typically very expensive (likely because restaurants and Goldbelly both have to make a profit on the items being sold) and the shipping can also get pricey. One hack to keep prices down while searching on Goldbelly is to filter for items that have free shipping. This way, when you find something you want to order, the price listed is the exact price you will end up paying. Goldbelly also has a rewards program that allows you to accumulate points when you enter your email. After a certain number of points, you get discount codes. Another downside to using Goldbelly is that shipping often takes a long time, so make sure to schedule a delivery in advance. 


Dana’s Bakery

Famous for their extravagant “mookies” (macaroon stuffed cookies), Dana’s Bakery is an amazing place to send desserts from. I’m not personally a macaroon fan so I’ve never tried “mookies”; however, the black and white cookies are to die for. Dana’s has regular black and white cookies but also sells special flavors such as chocolate chip black and white cookies, rainbow, and s’mores. A perk is that all the black and white cookies are nut-free, gluten-free, and kosher! Dana’s Bakery also tends to ship relatively quickly. So, if you’re looking to send something fast, Dana’s is a good choice. 


Big Fat Cookie

These cookies are seriously massive and seriously delicious. Big Fat Cookie is famous for its 6-ounce cookies that are stuffed with a variety of candies and other treats. One example of their cookies is the “Classic” which contains an Oreo chocolate chip cookie base, sprinkle surprise, fudge sealer, and an Oreo on top. Each cookie pack comes with four flavors and can be ordered in a four-pack (one of each flavor), eight pack (two of each flavor), or a dozen (three of each flavor). Big Fat Cookie recommends heating the cookies in the oven for 5-8 minutes for optimal enjoyment. These cookies come in a box with confetti at the bottom making them a cute gift!


Eat Your Words Cookies

These cookies are adorable and perfect to send for any special occasion. Eat Your Words Cookies can be customized to spell out anything you want, and each letter is an individual cookie. These cookies can also be decorated with logos making them great for any office party, college event, or birthday party. The cookies are classic sugar cookies with frosting, but they taste amazing. Shipping for these takes a little longer, so I would recommend ordering in advance to ensure that the cookies arrive in time. 


In addition to these shops, other options such as Baked by Melissa, Momofuku Milk Bar, and Levain Bakery won’t disappoint, and they all ship nationwide from their stores. If you need a sweet treat you should check out one of these options!


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