Get Gift-Ready This Holiday

It’s hard to believe it’s already December- and with the holidays fast approaching, it’s never too early to start thinking of gifts ideas for this giving season (for others and/or for yourself to enjoy!) Here are 5 ideas for some inspo:


-Canvas tote bags. Sustainable, reusable, and fashionable - they come in all styles and aesthetics, and are the perfect functional accessory for a variety of activities (grocery shopping, studying, reading) 


-Scrunchies. I use scrunchies all the time, and they come in so many colors and textures. For messy buns or the perfect ponytail, they can dress up or down a look. 


-Hand lotion. I’ve honestly been finding my hands super dry because of the cold weather, so it would be a perfect gift for the coming winter and great to use after washing your hands. There’s also a lot of travel and pocket sized hand lotions available that are the best for busy days.


-Succulents. If you or your friends and family are plant lovers, I think succulents are a fun, budget-friendly gift that’s also easy to care for! They’re perfect for room decor as well.


-Candy. Nothing conveys gratitude like a sweet treat, and whether it’s a sentimental box of chocolate or something a little fancier like Sugarfina, it’s sure to be a delicious and well-enjoyed present.