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Gabs Shink 2017

Gabs or Gabriella?

Gabs, duh.

Where are you from?

New York.

What’s your major?

Double majoring in Marketing and Strategic Management, with a minor in Film and Media Studies.

Where did you study abroad?

Milan, Italy. It was great.

Relationship status?



0 and it saddens me.

Describe freshman Gabs.

A girl who was awkwardly finding herself when she was honestly already found.

How did you get involved with WUTV?

I knew about WUTV because of the freshman activities fair but didn’t get involved with anything besides Greek life because I was so overwhelmed that year. My friend Abby Gordon convinced me to go to a general body meeting at the beginning of my sophomore year. The rest is history!

How would you describe Gabs on the Street?

It’s a funny segment where I “take it to the streets” to interview students in the DUC about somewhat irrelevant topics. People typically don’t know how to respond or say something that makes them seem…dumb (is that okay to say?). Jay Leno did something similar and Kimmel does it now. They’re my inspiration.

What new things should we be excited for this semester on WUTV?

SO MANY THINGS! Abby and I are producing a female driven, sketch comedy show called “Landlocked” and my interviews will be interspersed! Our team is awesome and we’ve begun writing scripts for our 1st ep! The whole WUTV slate is honestly very exciting right now. There’s a new rap documentary series that will feature up-and-coming St. Louis rappers, a Kenyan WashU student is producing a satire about American pop culture called “Welcome to the Jungle,” and two other new shows are “Smash That Shit” and a movie review show! We’ll be continuing “The Dating Game” (contact David Gumins to be a contestant for your shot at love), Cribs, and of course WashU News. Stay tuned for a WashU News special about the presidential election! We’ll be covering the Clinton/Trump debate from inside the AC!

We recently rebranded, so you’ll be seeing a social media campaign soon! We started a snapchat account called WUTVsnaps so obviously follow us.

Biggest crush?

Matt Damon because he is an intelligent hottie who seems like a sweet dad. He also wrote one brilliant script (Good Will Hunting for those of you living under a rock). I highly recommend you watch his Best Screenplay acceptance speech with Ben Affleck. They’re so young and excited. That type of genuine enthusiasm should be everyone’s goal in life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8RIS5GJqAg

Chloe is a sophomore in the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. She hails from Westport, Connecticut where she was Managing Editor of her high school's newspaper. She is an avid fan of ice cream, Sex and the City marathons, and napping.
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