Food Hacks At WashU

Let’s talk about food.

Worried about your lack of home-cooked meals and not having easy access to your favorite foods?  Don’t!  Worried about using up all of your meal points? Okay, you should be a little bit concerned about this. One month into the school year and one month into my meal plan, I am only $3 under my suggested meal point balance (which you can check all the time on WebStac).  As I get more comfortable eating off campus, this will become less of an issue.  But the food here is actually really good!  We’re ranked #5 for Best College Food in America by Niche.



  • Ahh breakfast, the most important meal of the day.  It’s also the easiest meal to save meal points on. It’s really easy and convenient to eat it in your room before class.  Cereal with milk and fruit from the grocery store is a simple breakfast. My staple is oatmeal.  At home, I make a mean bowl of oatmeal (vanilla protein powder, dark chocolate chips, almond butter, strawberries and raspberries, and coconut flakes.  Jealous?). Now, I usually opt for the instant oats, which are still pretty tasty.
  • If you don’t want to make your own breakfast, go to BD, but don’t just do the breakfast buffet.  They can make you a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich – I treat myself to avocado toast with cheese and a fried egg every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • If you’re looking for a good brunch or a weekend breakfast, go to Kayak’s, which is right off campus.  Order the Egg Bagel with sausage.  You will thank me later.


  • I know it’s tempting to just go to the DUC for lunch, but do your best to avoid it.  It’s almost always crowded.  If you need to eat there, I would recommend the Grab N Go Sandwich.  But if you’re willing to wait, their turkey burgers are pretty good.
  • Holmes Lounge is a must.  They make delicious wraps and sandwiches.  Pro tip: if you have self-discipline, go at 10:30 and save it for later.  There is absolutely no line at 10:30.
  • If you have a long gap during the day, the Village is the place to go.  The stir fry there is delicious.  So is the stir fry in BD, but it is so much faster in the Village.
  • If it’s Thursday, go to the Law Café.  Their mac n cheese? Out of this world.


  • Usually, I eat in BD because I’m back at the dorm at the end of the day. The pasta? Delicious. The stir-fry?  My life.
  • Delivery is also really easy on campus.  So far, I’ve had Domino’s Pizza and Insomnia Cookies delivered to the clocktower, and both were delicious.  Warning: the Domino’s Pizza tracker is really accurate, unlike Insomnia’s.  The Insomnia Cookie Tracker goes from “baking” to “the final countdown” to getting frantic calls from the driver asking, “Why aren’t you here?  I’m at the clocktower.”

For any time of day: PAWS N GO.  Paws N Go is my PLACE.  Sadly, it’s not open until 10 am.  They have a great salad/fruit bar so you can feel good about yourself.  They also sell groceries, particularly berries, which are hard to find elsewhere on campus.

I’m a freshman who has been dining in St. Louis for only one month, so please feel free to make any suggestions!

Happy eating!


— Molly Isaac