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Basic black boots


You can’t go wrong with black boots. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings…they go with nearly everything, which makes them a great transitional piece for unpredictable St. Louis weather. They might not be the most comfortable, but they’ll look amazing! Whether they’re over-the-knee or short booties, get yourself a pair immediately!!



Classic plaid flannel


Let’s say your friends want to go apple picking. What are you going to wear? Your flannel of course! Probably with some cute ripped jeans and sneakers with an adorable t-shirt. Your roommate wants to have a picnic? Great! Wear your flannel! Let’s be honest you need a flannel…or maybe 7 because you’ll definitely want to wear it every day of the week. Flannels are also great because you can wear them when it’s cold in the morning and tie them around your waist when you inevitably end up sweating on your walk back from your morning class #thanksstl.



Distressed jeans


Who wants to put on a plain ol’ pair of skinny jeans when you can wear a pair that looks like your dog got ahold of them and chewed on the knees? All jokes aside, though, I love distressed denim in all forms. Throw them on with a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt? Great! Pair them with a sweater and boots? Awesome! The possibilities are endless. Plus, they’re usually not as tight and therefore more comfortable…i’m just sayin’.



Denim jacket


An absolute must! Denim jackets are a perfect layering piece because they keep you warm, but not too warm. They’re also super versatile so you can dress it up with a dress to go out to dinner or dress it down with leggings to run to class. I own 4 denim jackets because I love them so much…excessive? I think not…but in hindsight you probably don’t need that many.



A big cozy sweater


Picture this: It’s a chilly autumn Sunday and you’ve just woken up. You roll out of bed, still groggy, and think, I’m going to have a lazy Sunday today. So, you make yourself hot tea, or hot chocolate, or hot coffee, and get bundled up in your cozy oversized sweater and hop into bed and watch your favorite show on Netflix or watch the leaves fall from outside your window. How lovely does that sound? And it wouldn’t be possible without that nice warm sweater that makes you feel like you’re still in bed even if you’re sitting in your boring hour and a half long lecture.




Let’s face it: Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes you can wear. And when you have to walk 10 minutes to class, you want to be comfortable in sneakers instead of getting cramps in your feet from your stylish-yet-unbroken-in shoes that you don’t wear very often but still love. I love Adidas. I know they’re super basic, but I love them. There are so many cool options in terms of colors and styles, so you really can’t go wrong with any pair you choose.



Cozy scarf


Scarves are essential. They can spice up a blah outfit, hide that spot of coffee you spilled on yourself earlier, or hide the fact that you’ve been wearing the same shirt for 3 days because you’ve been putting off laundry. I have a variety of scarves, but if you see me around campus during the fall and winter, you’ll probably see me in the same, big, maroon plaid scarf every. single. day. What can I say, I love being warm…and I love that scarf. You’ll want to be nice and bundled up on your long walks to class when it starts to get chilly outside.



A great hat


I recommend black and floppy paired with the classic black boots, a denim jacket, and that cozy scarf. Basically, I put “a great hat” on this list because you can wear it with anything else that’s on here and make your outfit instantly look more put together with minimal effort.



Happy hunting!

By Elizabeth Baxter

Gifs: giphy.com 

Wash U class of 2021; Majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences with minors in Art History and Communication Design.
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