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Everything You Need to Know About The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart

Just when I thought my Monday’s were stripped of all happiness due to the end of the Bachelor, I was saved.

Twenty single and unfairly attractive men and women will hit the screens on Monday, April 13th on ABC.

Thankfully, we loyal Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise fans still have time to learn the names, stories, strange professions, age, oddities, and for the super fans– even the social security numbers of these contestants.

It is an American Idol take on The Bachelor and I am not mad about it.

This upcoming series aims to answer the question: can music help true love form?

Although the answer to this question is quite ridiculous, I will still endure hours upon hours of this drama for my own entertainment, as well as to simply pass the time in these lonely days.

Plus, who doesn’t love Chris Harrison?

Each duet will be challenged as couples’ passion, romance, and even their pitches will be put to the ultimate test.

At the end of the series, one couple will remain– both in love and probably in song.

Grab your friends (via zoom of course), your popcorn (with tons of M&M’s), and most importantly, your tissues (and hand sanitizer for after you touch your face), because this will be an emotional journey.

Aliya is an Editorial Intern for Her Campus Media, as well as a member of the Her Campus and Spoon University community at her college. She is a student at Washington University in St. Louis, with a major in American Culture Studies and a minor in Design. When she’s not aggressively snapping ~artsy~ photos or binge-watching films, Aliya is most likely obsessing over absurd fashion trends or perhaps trying them herself.
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