Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm for the Holidays


With #FinalsSzn coinciding with the holidays, it’s difficult to get adequately festive. Not only are you extremely stressed, you also have absolutely no time. However, I would argue that not only is decorating your dorm a great (and productive) study break, it’s also essential for success on finals. What better way to get you in a better mood and head space to retain information while studying or to be inspired while finishing an essay at the last minute?



Washi Tape

Washi tape is essential for any dorm decorating. It’s the quickest way to make it seem like you put in a ton of effort when in reality, who’s got time for that?

Mini Stockings

These are perfect decorations to hang on your door or under your tv stand. They can be found for just a couple of dollars at convenience stores like CVS and Walgreens. Don’t forget to get some for your roommates!



While homemade paper-cut snowflakes are always nice, some of us are not that well coordinated. Whether you buy them from Target or decide to put your crafting skills to the test, these are perfect things to hang on your door, on your desk, under tables, from the ceiling, wherever!

by Sophie Taibl