A Definitive Ranking of The Best Halo Top Flavors

We’ve all seen the Instagram ads and The Bachelor sponsorship scenes about the low-calorie and high-protein ice cream brand called Halo Top, but does it even taste good? As someone with a deeply rooted love for ice cream but the metabolism of a rock, I set out to find the best flavors and see for myself if I could have the best of both worlds. Here is, in my near-expert opinion, a list of the best Halo Top flavors to look for on your next grocery run:


10. Cookies & Cream

While many of the brand’s flavors taste pretty close to good old Ben & Jerry’s, you can DEFINITELY tell that this is a “lighter” version of cookies & cream. It isn’t quite as creamy as one would expect, but a great alternative option if you want that Oreo flavor.


9. S’mores

This is a really solid flavor, and probably would be higher on the list if there were more graham cracker pieces in it. Luckily, the other elements of the ice cream were so delicious that it balanced out the missing graham and distracted me with marshmallowy goodness!


8. Red Velvet

This one might be a little controversial, but I am a huge red velvet fan and thought this ice cream tasted amazing. It also had little brownie bites inside of it, which is one of the best kinds of surprise that exists and gave it some bonus points.


7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The flavor and texture of the ice cream were both really good, but unfortunately, there were not enough cookie dough balls mixed in for my liking (Does anyone else buy the pint and dig through the ice cream just to get to the cookie dough? Tell me I’m not alone!).


6. Peaches & Cream

Summer might be coming to an end (L), but the Peaches & Cream flavor will make you feel like you just stepped onto a tropical beach where Miss Rona doesn’t exist and you are enjoying a nice refreshing snack in the sun…. if only!


5. Peanut Butter Cup

You really can’t mess up the classic chocolate/peanut butter combo, so I knew from the first time I tried this that it was going to be up near the top of the list. I was right, too- try this one. You won’t regret it.


4. Mint Chip

EXCELLENT cookie-to-mint ratio and is super refreshing. This one tastes like it should be majorly unhealthy, which makes the 19 grams of protein in each pint feel even better!


3. Oatmeal Cookie

Is it weird that I really don’t like oatmeal cookies but absolutely LOVE this flavor? I seriously finished the whole container by myself in less than a week!


2. Lemon Cake

Another amazing summery flavor! This one is light and has an amazing lemon flavor.


1. Birthday Cake

Sometimes birthday cake ice cream is way too sweet, but this is actually one of the best brands that I have tried! The rainbow sprinkles in this are super cute and also make it taste delicious, and the Birthday Cake flavor is definitely my go-to when I need something sweet after a long day at Zoom University.


As you can see, you have tons of great options if you want to dig into a pint of Halo Top while frantically cramming the night before your first exams. But even though some of these flavors are totally bomb, remember that you don’t always have to have a certain type of dessert just because it is “better” than another, higher-calorie treat. If you are having a bad day and need some real chocolate ice cream to wash away your sorrows, do it!