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Debate-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The much anticipated Presidential Debate is over. Hosting it was fun and all, but Trump’s wall was getting a little annoying. However, now that all the excitement has ended, it’s easy to forget the importance of being #political. Well, for an easy way to eternalize Wash U’s glory, here are some debate-themed Halloween costumes that will keep the spirit alive.

1. Anderson Cooper

Wasn’t it thrilling to watch this silver fox keep Hil-dog and Donald from ripping out each other’s throats? This smoothe talker was definitely the star of the show! To channel Anderson’s chill vibes for your costume, throw on classy suit and some silver hair spray. If you really want to commit, make sure to intercede on behalf of your peers when they get interrupted, and remind people to answer the actual question.

2. Ken Bone

It’s easy to emulate this American hero by adopting his signature look! All you need is a red cable-knit quarter zip, a white collared shirt, glasses, a mustache, and the bravery of a hundred warriors. If your tryna look ~sexy~ this halloween, there is a slightly more revealing option as well.
3. Hillary Clinton

There are tons of fun outfits to choose from if you decide to dress up as this darling Democrat! To get her debate look, go for a black jacket with some daring white lapels. If that’s not your style, you can also recreate one of her others looks such as these!

4. Donald Trump

To achieve Donald’s classic look you will need a blonde comb-over wig that was spun from golden threads by the gods. Once your hair is set, all you need to do is throw on a suit and spend Halloween steering all conversations towards your big plans for defeating ISIS.
5. Chancellor Wrighton

Oh, Chancellor Wrighton, you are truly a prince among men. A light blue tie, black double breasted suit, and friendly demeanor is all you need for this look. Warning, by wearing this costume you are obligated to host the Halloween festivities, and it may cost you somewhere in the 5 million dollar range. Also, make sure you have enough Wash U sweatshirts to give out as party favors to all your guests.

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