Danielle Kahn 2019

This week’s Campus Cutie is Danielle Kahn; The best big anyone has ever had! From working at the nursery school to always dressing New-York-chic, she constantly kills it. You’re missing out if you don’t get to meet this girl at WashU!!!!!!


Hometown:  Roslyn, New York


Major/Minor: Double Major in Psychology and Educational Studies


Pet Peeve: When people are messy


Your Ideal Date: Lunch outside on a really nice day


Favorite Store: Intermix, but Amazon Prime is really my shit


Favorite movie: Parent Trap


Favorite St. Louis Restaurant: Well, when I’m not eating Crazy Bowls, The Tavern CWE


Celeb Crush: Amanda Seyfried


What’s your favorite place on campus: Bauer or Simon, I’m basic like that.


Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla for sure, but my little makes me crave dark chocolate sooo...


Australia or Europe: AUSTRALIA don’t be boring


Boots or Sneakers: Sneakers duh


Jeans or Joggers: jeans during the day, joggers at night


Coffee or Tea: Coffee