Camilla Moraes 2019

Do you like chill girls who code? Then you’ll love Camilla Moraes! This week’s cutie hails from NYC and only has one dance move. Check out the one, the only, Meels! Read until the end to figure out her real last name.


Where do you live:

Village house or Vouse


Where are you going abroad:

New Zealand! Auckland to be specific


What is your favorite song right now:

Easy love by Sigala


Do you like socks or slippers hanging around the house:

I wear really nice socks, but sometimes slippers with socks


Do you enjoy cake or cupcakes more:

Cupcakes, but I don't usually eat them since im so healthy, but when i do I have a just a bite of a cupcake


What band do you most want to come to WILD:



Would you rather be cold or hot:

Cold. I have a warm heart and warm blood already


Favorite holiday:



Ideal theme for a party:



Go-to snack:



Go-to cocktail:

Excuse me! I’m not twenty-one


Will you get married:

Im gonna have to play it by ear


Favorite warm beverage:

Hot chocolate


Favorite class:

Rapid Prototype Development and Creative Programming


Do you have a security blanket:No, I was never into that myself.


What's your real last name: