Breakdown of Kardashian Pregnancies

Everyone who knows me knows my greatest guilty pleasure is the Kardashians. Guilty pleasure may be the wrong word considering I don’t feel guilty about it at all. Anyway, if you keep up with pop culture, you’re well aware that three (!?!) Kardashians are apparently pregnant right now: Khloe, Kim, and Kylie.



Why are they all pregnant? Coincidence that the news broke right before their season premiere? I think not. Here’s the full breakdown:





Kim is not pregnant, but rumor has it she is having a baby girl through surrogacy. Though just a rumor, this information has some solid back up: Kim has had major health complications while carrying her two children, North and Saint. This way, while the surrogate is growing a baby, Kim can focus on growing her butt, as per usual.






Is this a miracle child??! Khloe Kardashian who openly discussed fertility issues with ex-boyfirend, Lamar Odom, is now pregnant! Well she’s now saying she only “fake tried” with Odom. Fake tried or not, I’m so excited about ths!!!



Kylie Jenner



SORRY, what!? Kylie Jenner is 20 and has been dating Travis Scott for only 5 months! So, so, so confused how she is going to run a beauty empire while pregnant, but never doubt the power of the Kardashians. Apparently KUWTK Season 14 will be keeping up with Kylie’s pregnancy… again timing coincidence? hmmmm...


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