Better Weather Activities

With warmer weather emerging in the past couple of weeks, here are some things to do outside in St. Louis. Take a break this weekend or next before finals are upon us!


1. Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is a gem. It’s free, it’s pretty, it’s fun. There are interesting exhibits and food too. Going to the zoo is a low cost activity with high reward. I highly recommend visiting before it gets too hot though.


2. Art Museum

I’m a huge fan of the St. Louis Art Museum, and visiting is also free. There is a garden in the back with some sculptures to make for a nice, relaxing lunch with friends. Art Hill in the front of the museum is also a nice place to sit and look out at the fountain at the bottom.


3. Forest Park

Forest Park in general is a good idea, especially if museums and animals aren’t really your things. Take a walk around the park; there are little ponds and waterfalls here and there, making for relaxing, but interesting scenery.


4. Laumeier Sculpture Park

If you’re looking to get a little farther from campus, Laumeier Sculpture Park is around twenty minutes away. There are nice pathways to stay on if you’re not into hiking, but also a couple of trails for the more adventurous people. The sculptures are fun, and it also has a nice quiet ambience to relax and get away from school for a bit. (It is also free!)


5. Botanical Garden

The only non-free activity on this list, Missouri Botanical Gardens is about ten minutes away. If you’re okay spending a little more for a prettier landscape than the other places, it’s probably worth it. I’ve been several times, and the landscape is beautiful. There are also buildings to go into so you’re not just staring at flowers all day.