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A picture of Trader Joe\'s fall Goods
A picture of Trader Joe\'s fall Goods
Original photo by Brooke Sagun

Best Trader Joes Snacks for a Road Trip

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This summer, as college became a reality rather than something to put in your Instagram bio, I decided to spend more time with my family before I crossed the country. This meant tagging along with my mom on her weekly Trader Joe’s grocery trips. Naturally, each week, I would fill the cart with as many snacks as I could, leaving whatever was actually on the grocery list to my mom. By the time August rolled around, I had tested a very considerable chunk of their offerings. Here are the best ones that I’ve discovered:

  1. Rolled corn tortilla chips – Dare I say, these are better than Takis they are inspired by? Spicy, crunchy and with a strong lime flavor, the only downside is that the delicious chili powder they are covered in tends to be a little messy.
  2. Rice cracker medley – This mix consists of rice crackers with a variety of flavors, from soy sauce to salt and vinegar to chili. A bonus to the delightful taste, this snack is gluten free, so even those with gluten intolerances can enjoy it.
  3. Freeze dried Fuji apple slices – A life-long “Just Mango Slices” supporter, these apples have converted me. Crispy, light and sweet, they make me feel better about not spending $5 on fruit at Paws and Go.
  4. Sweet potato tortilla chip – Used with guacamole or salsa, these chips elevate a basic salty snack with a slightly sweet twist. Plus, sweet potatoes are super healthy, aren’t they?
  5. Garlic naan crackers – A more recent discovery, purchased on my pre-move in Trader Joe’s run, I have enjoyed these savory crackers alongside hummus dip, topped with cheese and all by themselves.
  6. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups – If you are craving something sweet, this is you answer. TJ’s take on Reese Peanut Butter cups consist of rich dark chocolate surrounding creamy peanut butter.
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