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Summer is right around the corner it’s nearly impossible to wait. To satisfy your summer craving, here are some amazing summer movies you watch until schools out for summer!


High School Musical 2


This movie is amazing because we get to see all our favorite HSM characters hit Lava Springs Country Club. They wear some of the ugliest clothing combinations known to man; Troy’s capri pants in the finale…yikes. Gabriella’s baby-doll top in Gotta Go My Own Way…heinous. But watching Troy dramatically frolicks through a golf course…priceless. What more could you ask for in a summer flick?


Dirty Dancing


This movie is undeniably a classic. Sure Baby is annoying and awkward and can’t even really dance, but there’s nothing like a summer romance with some sweet sweet moves. Swayze slays in this film. There’s even a teen pregnancy and naggy parents if that’s your thing.





This movie takes place on the first night of summer vacation and let me just say, it’s more lit than my entire summer usually is. We’ve got disguises, we’ve got romance, we’ve got betchy cliques, and a high school dance that’s way clearly has an unlimited budget. Basically it’s everything I wish I could have done during my high school summers.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants



Friendship, romance, more friendship, death of a young girl, Greece, ethnically prejudice step-family: sounds like a receipt for a dope film if you ask me. Also Blake Lively is in it when she is at her prime; Girl is smoking hot.


The Last Song


Regardless of what you think of Miley now, she was a gosh darn angel in this film. Her voice is annoying and whiney but that flowing hair, that overly cropped crop top, the teen angst. You cannot not love this movie. It is a summer romance to rival that of Baby and Johnny.




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