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As I’m sure you’re aware of, Halloween is coming up. If you’re looking for something to get into the spooky mindset but hate scary movies, check out these Halloween episodes.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Every Halloween Heist Episode (S1E6, S2E4, S3E5, S4E5, S5E4, S6E16, S7E11)


If you’ve never seen an episode of B99, you’re in for a treat. Basically, the show is centered around a NYPD precinct, the 99. It’s really funny, and also tackles some real-life problems, so watch it. Every season, the Halloween episode is centered around a heist, and the episodes take heist movie tropes (like the how-I-did-it monologue) to the next level. You can stream the show on Hulu.


Parks and Recreation – “Greg Pikitis” (S2E7)

This episode has the same feel as the B99 heist episodes as “Leslie tries to stop a high school punk.” This episode marked the debut of Andy Dwyer’s alter ego FBI agent Burt Macklin (Chris Pratt). If you have no idea who that is, start watching Parks and Rec now!


New Girl: “Halloween” (S2E6)

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First of all, another great show (kind of bad ending, but good overall), so check the whole series out. This episode has everything you need in a Halloween episode: a haunted house, quirky costumes, punching, and relationship problems. You can find the show on Netfilx.


Modern Family: “Halloween” (S2E6)


Even if you haven’t seen a single episode of the show, this one episode is a really good example of what the Pritchett -Dunphy family is like. All the different frights of Halloween are in this episode from being the only person wearing a costume at the workplace to a haunted house spectacle for trick or treaters.


That 70s Show, “Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die” (S3E4)


Set in the (you guessed it) 70s, the episode is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock. There’s so many parodies and references to classic horror movies, you won’t even have to watch any scary movies for the rest of the spooky season.


Happy watching!

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