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Ben Milan-Polisar 2020

This week’s campus cutie is freshman Ben Milan-Polisar! Ben is spunky, sassy, and has the voice of a beautiful angel. He also is a ping-pong virtuoso, and will be competing in the USoFo Ping Pong Tournament Championship!!!

Hometown: Irvington, NY

Intended Major: Psychology and Marketing

Astrological sign? Leo

Involvement on Campus: Mosaic Whispers!!

Favorite song to sing in the shower: Seasons of Love from Rent

Favorite emoji: The eye roll

Favorite movie: Dreamgirls

What language do you wish you could speak? Hebrew

Nickname: Ben Jammin’

What is your favorite TV show? Friends, duh.

What Friends character are you? Rachel

Favorite Friends episode: The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance (also known as the one where Ross has the fake British accent)

Favorite place to eat on campus: Law Café

Favorite holiday? Hanukkah

Special Skill: I have a really good Indian accent

Favorite Snapchat Filter: Puppy—Is that too basic?

Favorite class right now: Inequality, Hierarchy, and Difference

Why’d you choose WashU? It’s pretty, and so are the people ;)

Favorite piece of clothing you own: Short sleeve maroon button down with white polka dots


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