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Although it’s only been a couple days back from our well-deserved break from Wash U, we’re back and winter has greeted us full force.  Let’s face it – those 8 inches of snow is not making it any easier on us to roll out of bed and venture out into the cold.  Nor has winter been any gentler on our skin.  Feeling the itch of wind-chaffed skin and irritation from the forced-air heater?  There’s a quick remedy, and it doesn’t involve Schnucks.  Access your inner Michelle Phan, the ingredients are right here in Bear’s Den!
            Let’s start off with my personal favorite – the cucumber.  It’s an all-natural cleanser that hydrates and refreshes, all in one.  The natural salts and enzymes in cucumbers make them ideal for renewing skin cells and repair, while the peel’s high mineral content make it a powerful antioxidant.  It makes an excellent toner that tightens pores too.  Cut up a couple slices from a refrigerated cucumber and place them all over your face.  Or you can take one slice and massage it over your face in a gentle, circular motion.  At Wash U, we are all too familiar with the all-nighter.  Cucumbers are great for reducing puffiness and dark circles.  Every morning, cut 2 slices and place them over your eyes – it’ll feel wonderful after a night of no sleep! 
            Sick of dealing with Kit Mao and all those pH titrations?  When it comes to pH, cucumbers are your best friend!  They have the same pH level as your skin, which will keep your skin in balance and help replenish your skin’s protective acid layer.  After you rub your face with cucumber slices, leave the juice on as a 15-minute mask, then wash off with cold water.  Your skin will come away feeling cool, fresh and rejuvenated.  After a few weeks of cucumber treatment, your skin will appear clearer with noticeably less redness – something I can personally attest too.  With just one vegetable, you can build your own personal spa, right here on campus. Hey Kit, titrate that!

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