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We’re now officially in the autumn season since Thursday’s fall equinox. I don’t know about anyone else, but this alone has made my mood, and general attitude towards life, improve by about 100%. It’s in our best interest to lean into this brief feeling of bliss before the depression of winter, so join me in looking forward to the season ahead of us.

The Weather

Depending on where you are, you may have just experienced your first taste of fall weather: a drop in the temperature that made you happy to be alive. Cherish it! Wear those pants, sweaters, sweater vests, and boots. Step outside without immediately knowing whether or not you forgot the deodorant. Smell the rain of the night before, and see the orange tips of the leaves on the tree outside your window. This is the calm before the storm, quite literally.

The Delicacies

The cold weather alone is enough to immediately make me want a hot chocolate in my hands, but it doesn’t end there. Other drinks may be butterbeer, apple cider, or just plain, steaming hot coffee. The fall flavors are endless: cinnamon, apples, salted caramel. And we can’t forget the various pumpkin treats, be it pie or spice lattes.

The Activities

Each season has its special activities. Now don’t get me wrong, winter’s Christmas lights, sledding, and gingerbread house competitions and summer’s picnics, swimming, and fireworks are great. But fall might top all. Plan on visiting a patch to find the perfect pumpkin then carving it with your loved ones. Go apple picking. Cuddle up. Even rake the beautiful leaves if you can (this is the season where chores are fun). Don’t get me started on Halloween time, when haunted houses, horror movies, and finding the perfect costume will consume our lives.

The Dark Academia

Seeing as how we are college students, it’s only fitting to finish off this list with the romanticization of schoolwork. Summon your inner Rory Gilmore and Hermione Granger. Put on those earth tones. Play folklore and evermore. Maybe a scarf. Light those metaphorical candles (dorm life…) and get the vibes on. At some point, this may be the only thing motivating you to study for that chem test.

Grace Tyau

Wash U '26