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A few days ago, I was streaming through curated playlists when I spotted what I thought was an error: a song by the actor Ansel Elgort. My initial thoughts were: what do you mean Ansel Elgort?! Is this even the same Ansel Elgort who lights up the somber, yet beautiful ​The Faults in Our Stars ​ film that we all know and love?! Indeed, it is. 

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Via Nicholas Githiri on Pexels

 So naturally, I took a listen to some of his tracks, and his voice is incredible. This is no celebrity who is trying to sustain stardom by shifting to the music industry. This is a man who has a passion for something that he lets make a subtle name for itself. He has featured on tracks by Logic, while singing also songs of his own, all while he continues to charm hollywood. Here are some of my favorite songs of his ranked:   1. Thief

2. Supernova

3. Home Alone

4. All I Think About Is You

5. You Can Count on Me (feat. Logic)

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