Anna Zambricki 2014


It’s understandable why when people spot Anna Zambricki, Class of ‘14 around campus, they are often star struck.  She’s the full package: a rock star on the soccer field, a trendy fashionista known for her signature red-parka-over-groutfit look, and a WashU A-lister so famous she just had to be this week’s Campus Celeb.  But seriously, this girl actually has been breaking records on the soccer field.  Not only is she leading UAA in scoring with 12 goals this season, but her game-winning hat trick against Carnegie Melon gave her the second-most game-winning goals in WashU’s single season history.  Even better, it helped the Bears clench the UAA championship along with an automatic bid to the NCAA Division III Tournament.  In a Her Campus exclusive, we got a behind-the-scenes look at the life of this soccer starlet.

Hometown? Detroit, Michigan

Major? Psychology.  By the end of school, I’ll be able to read peoples’ minds.

Favorite pre-season meal? Fruit snacks.  Not just pre.  Before, during, and after.

I see you’re nutrition-savvy.  Is good nutrition a team focus?  Well, at the beginning of every year we have to meet with Connie and she gives us a talk about nutrition.  But this year she told us it’s ok, and to “not be embarrassed” when we’re eating more then our friends.  Thanks for that, Connie.

Where does the team stop to eat on road trips?  Applebee’s and Jimmy Johns.  And pretty much any random deli.

Favorite movie to watch on the bus? Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.  Whether they’ll admit it or not, I’ve made this team Beliebers.

In three words, describe the smell of the locker room. wet, country, baked goods.

So far, what’s been your season highlight?  Probably the win we just had against Case.  It was cold and kind of miserable, but as soon as we won, we found out NYU lost and that we had officially clenched the UAA. Then the boys won in overtime and it was just a perfect ending to the trip.

Traveling with the boys must be fun.  Any traditions between the teams?  We haven’t done it this year yet, but last year we speed-dated on the bus.  All I can say is things got racy.

Other team traditions? If someone yells sniper at any point ever, all the frosh have to drop to the ground. 

Ah, I see…