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All the Drama from the 2017 VS Fashion Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the iconic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai aired this past Tuesday. Whether you happened to be one of the 7 million viewers that night or not, or you just love pointless celebrity gossip, here is a summary of all the drama surrounding the show:


First of all: someone fell.

Tripping on the runway is every model’s worst nightmare, so when Angel, Ming Xi, fell on her face in front of millions of viewers, she was obviously devastated. After she fell, her wings were so heavy that it took her a full 30 seconds to get up again. When she finally got up, she did her best to finish her strut but then immediately started sobbing when she finished. It was hysterical.


Also, Gigi Hadid was not included.

Gigi Hadid, unfortunately, did not walk in this years show. She had been a part of the angel family for the past two years, and her sister, Bella, walked in this years show, but Gigi announced to her twitter followers earlier this month that she would not be a part of the Shanghai show. Rumour has it that this was because earlier in the year she posted a questionable video of her squinting her eyes to look like what appears to be a Buddha cookie on her table, and that video angered a lot of fans. The comment section was flooded with people who told her not to come to Shanghai, and I guess she listened.


Katy Perry dropped out last minute.

Whether the rumors are true about her having beef with the Chinese government or her visa really did get denied, fans were upset that Katy Perry was not at the show this year. Luckily, Harry Styles was a decent replacement so the show didn’t suffer too much.



Ashley Graham’s Instagram slam at VS.

Victoria’s Secret will probably never change their image, which is extremely skinny, beautiful women, and nothing else. When plus-sized model, Ashley Graham, realized this, she took to Instagram throwing shade at the company. She had lots of support from her fans who all agree that VS should include plus-sized models instead of only their classic “barbie” models.




By Sydney Wasserman


Washington University Class of 2019. College of arts and sciences, Psychology major with a minor in Design