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Ajay Kanakamedala 2014

With one of the most exciting weekends of the WashU school year coming up, it only makes sense to acknowledge this cutie who’s recently been spotted in yellow. This Thurtene Honorary member hails from Pennsylvania but will be in Saint Louis all summer, preparing for his med school apps while doing research and volunteering at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Already wanting to impress this cutie? Take him down to his favorite restaurant here called Mango (near the Arch), which he deems worthy by its atmosphere and food, but most of all the cool bathrooms. Ajay is smart, hilarious, and adorable all in one, so keep an eye out for this week’s cutie!

Name: Ajay Kanakamedala

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Year: Junior

Major: Philosophy and English Double Major (Pre-med)

Relationship status: Single

What is your role in Thurtene Honorary? I am the VP of External Business, so I basically handle all contracts with outside companies. This includes working with Coca-Cola and the company that brings in all the rides.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of Thurtene? I’ve really enjoyed getting a nice tan down at the lot.  No, but really, the best part has been getting to be so close with everyone in the honorary, with the added bonus of getting a nice tan while down on the lot. Everyone is really supportive of each other and comes to each other’s events and stuff; a Thurtene alumna who was in Madison, Wisconsin actually came to see me perform when WashU Bhangra traveled and competed there. It’s a real tight community, and its cool to share the common connection of organizing one of WashU’s and even St. Louis’s biggest and oldest traditions. Knowing that our work benefits a charity, Provident STL, has definitely driven me to work hard to put on the best possible Carnival for the St. Louis and WashU communities.

Other involvements on Campus? I dance on WashU Bhangra and am a choreographer and captain for WashU ABDC; we perform at Diwali in the fall and also travel to compete at national competitions in the spring. You can look up our performances on YouTube. I also do research at the medical school.

Dream girl? Loves to dance, joke around and is independent, motivated, and confident. Hopefully she likes puns as much as I do, because seven days without a pun can make one weak.

Astrological sign? Sagittarius. At least, that’s what I put when it says “Sign Here” at the bottom of forms and waivers.

Anything embarrassing you’ve done to impress a girl? I once asked a girl out to a school dance by rewriting the lyrics to “Hey There Delilah” and singing it to her while playing the guitar. She said yes. But probably in spite of, not because of, the song.

Words to live by? “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

Would you rather live in an amusement park or live in a zoo? Zoo for sure. It would be fun to pretend to be a penguin and waddle around with them.

Dream vacation spot? A small village in India, preferably by the beach.

Biggest role model? Forrest Gump. He has a wonderful outlook on life, takes things in stride, and sticks to his principles no matter what other people tell him.

Any pet peeves we should know about? People having too many pet peeves.

Favorite movie and why? Favorite Hollywood movie is Adventureland. It’s pretty easy to relate to since it just portrays realistic teenagers trying to get by in the confusing and messy world we live in. My favorite Bollywood movie is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. It just has everything that’s good about Bollywood movies: catchy songs with great dance scenes, epic love story, and over the top melodrama and theatrics that really moves you.

Best nickname and worst nickname? Best is Kanakamacutie. Worst is AJ (the Anglicized pronunciation of my name).

Favorite quality in the opposite sex? Good sense of humor

If you could have any animal in the world as a pet? Shadow, the golden retriever from Homeward Bound. I’ve always wanted a golden retriever and it would be nice to know that, if he gets lost, he can find his way back home.

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