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8 Things You Should Stop Saying

1. “Wash U guys are so ugly.”
There are so many things wrong with this statement. First of all, it’s rude. Second of all, it’s not true – just look around. Have you been to Einstein’s yet?! It’s full of BSchool boys. Beautiful BSchool boys. I’m telling you – Einstein’s is the place to be. Third of all, most guys here are so brilliant and interesting that they could have a creepy conjoined twin and I’d still choose them over a Fontbonne boy any day.

2. “Pre-med is so hard.”

Know what else is hard? Engineering. And accounting. And never seeing the light of day because you live in the architecture studio. You’re at Wash U – you signed up for this.
3. “BSchool Preschool”
No, bschoolers aren’t spending hours in LabSci cloning sheep and making time machines. Know what they are doing? Graduating with jobs. Yay jobs!

4. “I want a baby!”
No, you don’t. Not for years and years and years. If you don’t believe me, try nannying. After a few hours, you’ll be so happy to go home to your babyless dorm that you’ll write an article about how college girls shouldn’t ever complain about their severe lack of babies.
5. “I’m sooooooo drunk!”
Oh, are you? Really? I couldn’t tell by the way you were dancing to no music and spilling your drink all over your shoes…No, your outfit doesn’t make you look slutty…Yeah, this is my favorite song, too…Sure, I’ll split a half and half with you……Unless you’re actually in need of medical help, keep it classy and feign sobriety.
6. “Whatever, I’m just gonna marry rich.”
You’ve worked so hard to get into one of the best universities in the country and you’re finally here. You have your entire career ahead of you and all the potential in the world. So why would you undercut all that by suggesting that you need a guy to financially support you?
7. “I look ugly today.”
This is the one thing I never want to hear from any of you. Ever. There’s no such thing as an “ugly day.” Not for anyone and especially not for you. HerCampus readers are knockouts; everyone knows that.

8. “Is this real fro-yo?”
I highly doubt the distributors at Bon-Appétit are plotting to sabotage your diet by feeding you soft-serve ice cream in the guise of fro-yo. But even if they were, would you ever really know? Probably not. So stop worrying about it and enjoy your mystery dessert!

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