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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

I’d consider myself a little high-maintenance when it comes to taking care of myself: I love indulging in new clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, and all the other unnecessary luxuries that make you happy for no real reason. Over the past few years and after buying LOTS of random things that I used once and then lost in the bottomless hole that is my closet, I have discovered a few absolute must-have items that I truly use every single day. Here are my Top 5 Random Things I Can’t Live Without:


1) Sephora Brightening Eye Cream

Don’t sleep on Sephora’s skincare brand, y’all! It’s cheaper than some competitor brands and even though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend every single item in their line there are a few hidden gems: like this hyaluronic acid-infused eye cream. It does wonders for the bags under my eyes that develop after spending too many late hours studying and smooths out your skin for fast results.


2) SKIMS Cozy Set

This is absolutely worth the steep price tag. It honestly feels like a cloud on your skin, and comes in a bunch of adorable colors. You can also buy different pieces individually to mix and match the joggers, shorts, and tank. They sell out super fast, so definitely get on the email list to be notified of restocks!


3) Versace Donna Born in Roma Perfume

I swear by this perfume! Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments: it is the perfect blend of sweetness and florals and lasts all day long. This scent is great for both everyday errands and more formal events, making it a must-try for your collection.


4) Airpods Case

For some reason, I always have a hard time keeping track of my Airpods unless they are in some kind of bulky, brightly-colored case. There are tons of cute ones available on Amazon, like the one I am using right now (which is super cute and shaped like a peach!)


5) Simple Modern Tumbler

When I say these keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, I mean TWENTY-FOUR ENTIRE HOURS. Like, the ice is still frozen 24 hours later. You can pick whatever size you want and choose from literally tons of colors. Carrying this around makes it way easier for me to stay hydrated, and is definitely one of the spontaneous (TikTok-inspired) purchases I have ever made

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