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5 Road Trip Destinations To Visit Before You Graduate

One *extremely* underrated aspect of going to college in Missouri is that we are basically in the middle of the country and can easily travel to a bunch of extremely cool destinations! Get a group of friends together, book an Airbnb, and take a weekend trip out of St. Louis to somewhere that you might never travel to otherwise!


For the best big-city vibes, take the train or drive to Chicago! There is a ton of amazing food, places to sightsee, and shopping to keep you busy. Chicago is also well-known for its museums, which will fill your itinerary and introduce you to tons of new stuff.


There is nothing quite like spending your (or your friend’s) 21st birthday in Nashville! The energy of the city is always exciting, and the nightlife is second to none. Live music, scenic attractions, iconic restaurants, and cowboy boots? Say no more! 


Believe it or not, you can have a thrilling and scenic weekend vacation without having to leave Missouri. Branson is just a few hours south of St. Louis, with beautiful lakes that are designed for outdoor activities like boating and ziplining. In addition, Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, the Titanic Museum, and Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner are must-sees to complete your trip!


Between the city Zoo, the Motor Speedway Museum, and Monument Circle, Indianapolis is full of unexpectedly fun things to do that will help you and your friends make great memories! You can even schedule a visit during the Indy 500 to witness one of the world’s biggest sporting events in person. It is just under a four-hour drive, which is the perfect length for a roundtrip drive over a long weekend.

Mark Twain National Forest 

If you are more into an active vacation and love the outdoors, the two-hour drive to Mark Twain National Forest will be worth it! In addition to the campground, this site has lots of places for fishing, hiking, and swimming. It consists of three smaller state parks that you can spend time exploring and places to stop along the trails and have picnics.

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