5 College Must-Haves

  1. Brita Water Pitcher. I honestly wasn’t going to buy this but caved a week before I made the move to WashU. Beyond being a water filter, it helps me keep track of how much water I drink- after all, it’s so important to stay hydrated.
  2. Handheld clothing steamer. Another last-minute buy, and one that I could never regret. It’s super easy to use and keeps the clothing wrinkles away; I feel like I use mine around once a week.
  3. Makeup/jewelry organizer. As someone who often gets swept up in the morning rush, having an easy way to find chapstick -- or pinpoint any last-minute accessories -- has been incredibly helpful in getting me out the door in time for my morning class. It also keeps my room much less cluttered.
  4. Portable phone charger. I practically never used portable chargers until this year -- yes, I’m a bit late to the game -- and now I find it incredibly convenient, whether I’m studying outside or taking a walk around campus.
  5. Flowers. Perhaps the most indulgent of the list, but I have found flowers to be a fun addition to my dorm room and a way to cope with the colder weather.