5 Amazing Concerts at The Pageant You Won't Want to Miss

The Pageant, which is a concert venue located right on Delmar (!!!), has some super sick shows lined up for this fall. Ranging anywhere from alternative to EDM, be sure to hit these shows up for a fun time!

1. Passion Pit with Atlas Genius

When: Monday, October 19th

My personal favorite! Celebrate the end of midterms or simply being done with Monday by jamming with Passion Pit and Atlas Genius. Both amazing live, you won’t want to miss “Take a Walk,” “Carried Away,” “Trojans,” or “If So.”

2. Gorgon City with Anna Lunoe

 When: Tuesday, October 27th

Gorgon City is an up-and-coming duo from England. They’ve got some great songs, such as “Unmissable” and “Here For You.”

3. New Politics and Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness

When: Wednesday, October 28th

If you’re more of an alternative music fan, this show’s for you! Treat yourself on hump day by rocking out to “Cecelia In The Satellite” or “Harlem.”

4. Timeflies with Kalin and Myles

 When: Friday, November 6th

Who wouldn’t wanna see Timeflies live?! Not only do they have countless great songs, but Cal will probably even freestyle at the show. Beautiful human being right there.

5. The Chainsmokers with Matoma and Shaun Frank

When: Thursday, November 19th

The Chainsmokers are one of the biggest names in the electronic music industry so you won’t want to miss this one! The supporters, Matoma and Shaun Frank, are also really cool artists that will be great live.

photos courtesy of: filtermagazine.com, genius.com, pinerest.com, winona.edu, djdl.org