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4 Tips for a Successful Dance Marathon

Every year, Wash U hosts Dance Marathon, a fundraiser and awareness raiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis.  And now, Dance Marathon is just a few weeks away! While you are fundraising for this extremely worthy cause, here are some helpful tips to help you maximize your fun while giving to the kids who need it most.

1) Dress up for the theme of the hour!


Arrive at Dance Marathon in a simple t-shirt and shorts or jeans to allow yourself easy transitions between costumes! Make sure to wear costumes the Miracle families and kids will appreciate!


The themes for the hours and some ideas for costumes are:


-Middle School: rock a Hello-Kitty backpack, knee high socks, and some pigtails.

-Movie/TV: wear a red t-shirt with the number 95 and some lightning bolts drawn on to be Lightning McQueen from Cars

-New Disney: Channel Hannah Montana with a sparkly top, or wear a long blond wig and be Rapunzel from Tangled

-Country: throw on a flannel and a cowboy hat!

-Classics: dress up with a crown and be the Queen of England

-Power Hour: add some sweatbands and dance extra hard for power hour

-Old Disney: bring a crown and be your favorite Disney Princess!

-International: rock a shirt with another nation’s flag, or just wear red white and blue

-80’s/90’s: pull on some legwarmers and a headband

-Today: use your pop culture knowledge to be your favorite celebrity of today!


2) Drink water and eat!

There will be a lot of food and drinks provided, make sure you take time off the dance floor to enjoy them.  Dancing for twelve hours straight can be tiring, so stay healthy and safe by rehydrating.


3) Don’t miss the performances!


The performances scheduled for the event are going to be great, so don’t miss out!  A Cappella groups including Stereotypes, Green Leafs, and Amateurs will be performing, as well as dance groups like Wustyle, Bhangra, Wuhhu, and Wusauce.  Crash, Wash U’s Improv drum group will show off their talents.  Additional performances include Mr. Wash U, and a Zumba instructor will lead a group lesson.


4) Meet one of the Miracle Families!

Take the time to introduce yourself to a Miracle child and see firsthand the difference you are making in the lives of others. Dance with the kids and have a great time! Dance Marathon is your opportunity to have fun and give back to the community by helping others, so make the most of your day!

Emily Rubin is a Wash U freshman who is studying Fashion Design and is planning on a second major in Business Marketing. She is from Los Altos, California, and loves froyo, Modern Family and going on adventures with friends!
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