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1. Get more calcium in your diet.  

I hate drinking cow’s milk, and have been against drinking milk from the carton because it reminds me too much of high school. But, I’ve found that my nails were very flimsy and my eyelashes looked really sparse. I’ve since switched to drinking almond milk, either in cereal or in my chai lattes, and it has significantly strengthened my nails.  


2. Start taking a vitamin C supplement. 

I started taking one during quarantine to help boost my immune system, and compared to the year before, I haven’t had as many small colds. While it might be due to limited contact with others, I feel that vitamin C gave me better peace of mind, and we all need that during this time. 


3. Limiting my caffeine intake. 

I love making my own caffeinated drinks, and sipping out of my favorite cup throughout the day, but I realized the later I drank, the worst my sleep was. I usually would make a chai latte around 10:00 am, but a few times, I made some around midday as well, and it completely messed up my sleep schedule. I went to bed at 3:00 am and I was so tired it made it hard to be on time for my 10:00 am classes. I’d end up skipping the live zoom sessions and tried to watch the recordings, but missing the lecture really derailed my weekly schedule. Now, I’m limiting my caffeine to once a day and before 11:00 so that I can remain as productive as possible. 


Hi :) My name is Kyerra Norton and I’m a first year prospective Computer Science major at WashU. I love reading, writing, cooking, listening to music, hanging out with my friends. I joined HerCampus because of the supportive community of women and the unique stories each person has to share.
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