3 Reasons why Halloween is the Best Day of the Year

It might just be me, but I feel like as soon as September hits I am constantly thinking about Halloween and what I should dress up as. With the holiday fast approaching, I just want to remind everyone why we should be pumped for Saturday and why 10/31 will always be the best day of the year.

  1. Getting Dressed: I know that these times are weird, and you may not be able to get ready with all of your friends because of COVID guidelines but have a fun morning with your roommates. You will catch me up early with my suitemates getting dressed in our funky costumes and listening to music. Blast your favorite playlist, or even some spooky tunes while you apply crazy makeup and funky outfits.
  2. Seeing Funny Costumes: I remember when I was younger, I would love going into school on Halloween because I would get to see the creative homemade costumes and the giant blow-up suits. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I am really hoping to see some of these on campus this weekend. After these rough weeks of exams, I think we all deserve a good laugh or two, so please don’t be afraid to go all out!
  3. Candy: You cannot deny the best part of Halloween was trick or treat because of the LOADS of candy you would get and despite the awful stomach aches the proceeded, consuming 25 KitKats is totally worth it. Let’s hope there are some candy stations around campus, and if not, treat yourself to a bag of chocolates from Paws and Go. It is totally the night to eat a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids… or two… no regrets allowed.