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3 Christmas Songs That Are Straight Bangers

We made it to December at last! It’s time for all the holiday festivities to begin, and the easiest way to get into the Christmas spirit is with some sweet sweet tunes. For those that need a crash course in the best holiday “jingles” (lols) listen to these three songs to help amp up your Christmas spirit. And who better to get you in the spirit than your favorite pop stars?


Santa Tell Me- Ariana Grande


This is a straight banger, and I listen to it all year round. No one loves Christmas more than Ariana Grande. If you’re bored there’s also a music video to this song that looks like it was made at a sleepover on some girl’s imac. 


My Only Wish- Britney Spears



This is another lit Christmas song by the one and only Britney. She is fierce, she is fire, she is READY for Santa. 



All I Want For Christmas is You- Mariah Carey

There’s nothing for me to say about this other than it NEVER gets old. It actually gets better with age. And if you’re ever feeling down, watch Mariah singing this live with the background music removed. You are in for a real treat



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