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2017 Fashion Look Book

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

The year 2016 was a whirlwind of fashion trends; Bomber jackets, chokers, bare shouldered blouses and velvet pants made their rounds on the fashion scene. However, with a new year comes new style. We are amidst the most exciting month of the year when fashion week takes place in four amazing cities: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.  Although the year has only just begun, a ton of amazing looks and collections from a variety of well-known designers has been on display the last past couple of weeks. Below I have picked out my two favorite pieces from five different collections that I believe make a statement.


Prada Ready-to-Wear Fall 2017 (MILAN)



Miuccia Prada designed a colorful 70’s inspired collection for this year’s Fall 2017 ready-to-wear runway show in Milan. The space was decorated to look like a girl’s dorm room from the 70’s, filling the runway with nostalgia and spunk. The bright look on the left is on Australian model Jess PW, and it was the 12th look on the runway. The classy-yet-revealing look brings fun colors into play while remaining simple and elegant. The ostrich feathers at the bottom of the skirt were also used in multiple other looks on the Prada runway. The second look on the right is worn by Mica Arganaraz and contrasts the first look with its darker colors. My favorite parts of this look are the boots , jacket, and clutch which balance the flashier skirt and bralette.


Alexander Wang Fall Ready-to-Wear 2017 (NYC)



Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers of all time and he never disappoints when it comes to Ready-to-Wear. For this year’s show he used a “party girl” theme, dressing the models in all black outfits with smeared eyeliner and grungy hair. What I like about both of these looks is the fact that they stray from what is considered “girly” while still maintaining feminine aspects. The high waisted pant in both looks and the frilled long sleeve in the second look are my favorite parts of these outfits. Also, the fact that black was the only color used in the majority of Wang’s collection made me happy being that black is the best color ever.


DIOR Spring-Summer Haute Couture Show 2017 (PARIS)



When it comes to couture, Dior always brings simplicity and elegance to the presentation of its garments. The looks above are from Dior’s couture spring collection and were presented earlier this year in Paris. I picked two dresses with contrasting colors that exude the utmost sophistication you would want when dressing for a fancier event.  The beautiful embroidery on the tulle dress on the right is subtle yet classy which is my favorite part of the dress. The low-cut dress on the left takes a simple form but is unique with its color and is able to stray from the more conservative looks in the rest of the collection.


Fendi Fall Ready-to-Wear 2017


The Fendi RTW collection was shown at this year’s Milan Fashion Week and featured models such as Anna Ewers and Kendall Jenner. Karl Lagerfeld is known for adding pops of red into his garments and these two looks are perfect examples. The sheer red dress on the left was one of my favorite looks in the collection because of its unique cut and scandalous see-through yet modest style. The look on the right is a little bit more conservative , but it’s definitely something I could wear to a business casual event without having to sacrifice the chic aspect of my outfit.

YSL Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear (Paris)


Lastly, I have picked out my two favorite looks from the recent YSL show that took place in Paris. I have always loved YSL because of the grungy and simple way their clothes are  presented. The look on the left mixes masculinity with femininity and sticks to the all black look while incorporating a variety of materials. The look on the right is representative of the majority of the collection with its shiny metallic boots and sweater. This seasons collection was very futuristic and I enjoyed the vibe it brought to the runway.  

By Laura Palacino

Washington University Class of 2019. College of arts and sciences, Psychology major with a minor in Design