15 ~Weird~ Products That Everyone Secretly Wants

Drowning in stress and looking for ways to procrastinate? Into finding creative and strange products for friends, family, or simply yourself? Here’s a comprehensive list of fifteen strange, but somehow useful and entertaining, products that everyone secretly wants:  

1. Experience Tubes

The perfect item for a one-on-one conversation with someone across the table; it “replaces all peripheral distractions” and provides a new, exciting experience.It’s the perfect way to have a technology-less conversation with a peer while looking like an outstretched candy cane.

Comes in various colored stripes: (available at experiencetube.com)

2. Ostrich Pillow

Ever find yourself in need of a nap and can’t find a comfortable place or position to take one? The ostrich pillow will forever fix this issue, providing a portable nap to sleep-deprived students. Take a nap in the library, in a study room, or even in a dining hall! Its structure is distraction-proof and super comfortable. (Available at vat19.com)3. Confetti High Fives

Want the classic high five to be more fun? Add confetti! Everyone will be lining up to five you and you’ll bring the party anywhere you go. (available at vat19.com)

4. Potato Parcel

Send well wishes on the best form of stationary: a potato. Whether it is a note to a friend, a get-well-soon, or even a promposal, a potato is the best way to send it. As the website distributing the item says, “don’t send greeting cards, send greeting carbs”. (available at vat19.com)

5. Air Fort

Build a bigger and better hiding place than you could’ve ever imagined with the Air Fort; it’s simple to inflate and can be used as a hangout with friends, or even a private space for yourself. (available at Vat19.com)


6. Floof

Stressed and need something to relax with? Floof is basically play-doh for adults; it is a substance that is advertised as “fantastically fluffy molding material”. Release your inner child with white Floof and make snowballs in the heat of summer, or try  the newly released color-changing floof that has the ability to change color with heat. (available at vat19.com)


7. Lick-a-bubble

Remember when you were little and you tried to eat bubbles as a way of popping them? With lick-a-bubble, you actually can! Adding your favorite beverage to the pre-made bubble mix produces both tasty and fun bubbles. (available at vat19.com)


8. Comfort Food Squishies

Ever crave comfort food while doing homework or studying but you’re currently trying to eat healthily? Get the same feeling of euphoria with the comfort food squishies; they’re cute and resemble those late night cravings! (available at vat19.com) 9. Insta-Luck Four Leaf Clover

Literal portable luck. Never do badly on an exam or lock yourself out of your room again! (available at vat19.com)

10. Mberry Miracle Berry

This berry actually turns sour foods sweet. Impress friends and family as you eat a full lemon like it’s candy! (available on amazon.com or vat19.com)

11. Face-Licker Lollipop

You are, literally, what you eat. Eat your self portrait with a lollipop-replica of yourself! (available at spun-candymiami.com)

12. Lester’s Food Sodas

Drink (or eat?) your favorite foods with these ~interesting~ sodas. See how they compare to the

actual food! (available at vat19.com) 13. Bubble Wrap Suit

Ever wanted to look like a package? Literally be the birthday gift for a friend or family member as you wear a suit made of bubble wrap. Pop yourself for fun as well! (available at vat19.com)

14. Fondoodler

This product needs no explanation. It’s a hot glue gun for cheese. What’s better than that? (available at vat19.com)15.  World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

Like spice? See if you can conquer the world’s hottest chocolate bar, “900 times hotter than the jalapeno”.  (available at vat19.com)


by Jess Greene