10 Thoughts You Have When Your Roommate Wakes You Up

10 Thoughts You Have When Your Roommate Wakes You Up

Once upon a time I could sleep through anything, like Sleeping Beauty, but now I’m more like the Princess and the Pea, waking up to my roommate every night when she comes in at 2 AM.

Disclaimer: the following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event...for the most part

  1. ...aaaaand I’m awake again.

  2. Oh my gosh, don’t turn on a light...please don’t turn on a light...my eyes, my eyes!

  3. Could you BE any louder?

  4. I am never going to sleep again. Really. Never. Ever. Again.

  5. How can one small person make so much noise?

  6. Maybe if i just put my covers over my ears I won’t be able to hear her...nope, I can still hear her. Is she vacuuming? She is totally vacuuming!

  7. How long has it been? 30 minutes? Why can’t she just get in bed?

  8. Perhaps I could count some sheep. Maybe the baa-ing will drown out the sound of the vacuum.

  9. Wait...what? Is she snoring? She’s already asleep? How is she already asleep?

  10. Finally quiet, maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep now...

P.S. This series of thoughts probably went through my head for the 5 minute period between my roommate entering the room and going to sleep, but it always feels like I’ve been awake for an hour.

Also, definitely recommend investing in an eye mask and ear-plugs - they’re life savers.

Sweet Dreams...

By Elizabeth Baxter