XOXO, 4 Aspiring Musicians

Millions of people all over the world basically listen to music - any kind of music - every day, any time. To some people, music deeply influences their personality or plays a significant role in their lives. I dearly love music and I believe that music can shape myself, my goals, and fight for what I believe in. Many complain that the so-called recent pop music is too transient; a popular song 3 months ago could be quickly replaced by new songs that were just released. 3 Asian (Taiwanese/Singaporean) musicians/band and 1 American band are very important parts of my life as I would call them “legends” since they had been in the music industry ranging from 8 years to 21 years.


1. “Music is my most tender yet beautiful weapon.”- Jay Chou

Nicknamed Boss Chou and a universal Mandopop superstar, Jay Chou’s music has accompanied many Taiwanese’ teenage years. I would name him as the good neighbor since his music relates closely to our surroundings and feelings. Jay’s colorful music creations include the warm, positive song Paddy Fragrance to the cute song The Cowboy Is Busy. As a father with 2 cute children, Jay is still very active in the music world since his 2000 debut.

Jay performing during his recent concert in Taipei while on tour. (Image courtesy of Facebook)


2. “Take any opportunity; don’t let the future self hate who you are now.” - Mayday

The one-and-only legendary Taiwanese band, being quite famous worldwide; they held their North America tour just recently and is constantly followed by fans all over the world. The 5 members’ family-like relationship for 20 years is truly what I would say as #squadgoals, and their musical evolution has definitely been an amazing one. Mayday has lots of signature songs, such as the recent Party Animal and the sobbing love song Suddenly Missing You So Bad.

Mayday performing at one of their recent concerts in their North America tour. (Image courtesy of Facebook)


3. “Growing up is to fulfill the dreams you can’t when you were a kid.” - R-Chord

He is truly a special Taiwanese artist: Despite only being his recent fan, basically every song that R-Chord did captivated me so much in life to the point that I have to dedicate an entire iTunes playlist for him. As a young 30-year-old Aries, R-Chord never fails to speak out his straight-forward thoughts in both public and his original music. "Speak it out. Just do it. Sing it loud." is R-Chord’s fearless attitude as a very successful musician in Taiwan; he strongly encourage youths nowadays to just be themselves. Some of his hit songs include Love Doesn't Need To Pretend and When You Grow Up.

R-Chord passionately singing during a recent campus concert. (Image courtesy of Facebook)


4. ”If I never become famous by singing, I will still continue to do music, and I will never give up making music.” - JJ Lin

There are simply no words and complete awe regarding the music that this super, super talented 36-year old Singaporean singer creates in his 13 albums so far. Been in the music industry for over 14 years, charming JJ is crowned with the nickname of "walking CD" because all of his live performances are good as his vocals in his albums. JJ has so many classic hits, such as my particular favorite Lost and Found. He is currently the judge for a famous music show Sound of My Dream in China and I can't describe how amazing JJ performs in each episode of the program. JJ's musical talents surely makes me a super fan.

JJ singing passionately during his recent performance on Sound of My Dream. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Bonus: ”If my armor breaks, I’ll fuse it back together.” - Linkin Park

I just cannot miss out this super rock band once again, especially in Chester Be’s absence. To put in a simple sentence, LP’s songs are about meaningful stories of LIFE; despite the fact that their songs are dark rock, their hits definitely accompanied me and millions of fans through hardships. Their hit song this May Battle Symphony conveys an unforgettable message.

Linkin Park's group photo taken this February when they released their new hit Heavy. (Image source: Pitchfork)

Enough said, please go ahead and listen to their music and you will be amazed for sure! After hearing their songs, you might find the soothing, powerful, and memorable melodies accurately paint out your life.