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The Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day 2021

It’s that wonderful time of year again, where we like to give our mothers a little extra attention and celebrate all they do for us. Mothers deserve the most every day, but here are some special things you can do for mother’s day this year - May 9th (Sunday)! 


If you live with your mom or can meet with her safely (after taking necessary precautions!) 


Cook together: 

Cooking together or baking together is a great bonding activity! Even better is to cook up a family recipe to celebrate different generations and keeping traditions alive. Here are some ideas for what to make! 


Make/design something:

Whether its crafting, redecorating your home, making little knicknacks, making or designing things together is always fun!


Watch mother-daughter movies:

Watching movies is always a great passtime, but there's something special and sentimental about watching a mother-daughter movie on Mother's day! Check out Buzzfeed's list of 31 movies all mothers should watch with their daughters!


Plan a picnic: 

Good food, fresh air, nice scenery, and the perfect setting to just sit and talk with your mom! 


Breakfast in bed:

Everyone appreciates getting breakfast in bed. Cook up your mom's favorite and serve her in bed! 


Look through old photo albums together:

Mother's day is the perfect time to whip out your old photo albums or scrapbooks and reminisce on all your memories together. 


Have a at-home spa day:

With a pandemic going on and all, going out to a spa is probably not the safest thing. So why not pamper yourself at home? Set up a simple little spa for you and your mom! 


If you're living away from your mother and are unable to see her 


Have a virtual brunch 

Just because you can't be together physically, doesn't mean you can't have a nice chat over a meal. Set up a video call and have nice foods in front of you to feel like you're brunching together. 


Send her a gift 

Even if you can't physically spend time together, your mom will for sure feel the love from getting a surprise present at her doorstep! 


Make her a video

While you might not be able to look through a photo album sitting side-by-side, you can easily compile your favorite photos and clips together to make her a short video of your favorite memories together! 

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