Talk Show Host Beyond Borders: Ellen DeGeneres

Most of you are probably quite familiar with an American celebrity called Ellen DeGeneres. She is an extremely popular daytime show host with her 13 year show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and is also known for providing the voice of Dory in the Pixar hit animations Finding Dory and Finding Nemo. With her nearly four decades of successful television career, below are some exceptional and outstanding accomplishments done by Ellen.

1. Generosity: Firstly, Ellen always says this line at the end of her show: “Be kind to one another.” If you’re like me, who is an adamant supporter of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you never get tired of how much positivity she spreads and how many prizes Ellen gives away during her well-liked segment 12 Days of Giveaways around Christmas time. (Spoiler: there is always bonus giveaways.) Due to her 13 years of running the show, there has been a large number of sponsors accumulated, including Shutterfly who provide large sums of money to inspiring people and recently Walmart added in the long list of sponsors for Ellen’s show. Countless people have been helped under Ellen, and it is always so heart-warming to watch these segments on the Ellen show. 

Image: Ellen shows generosity in a huge mother’s day giveaway.

2. Entertainment: Ellen is a brilliant, top comedian herself and is shown vividly through her experience as a daytime show host. Ranging from the show segment Me Me Monday to Epic or Fail, Ellen is always ready to prepare her audience and show viewers with hilarious episodes. Throughout her numerous interviews with superstars, some specific interviews are definitely worth mentioning: one is her relentless expression of admiration and feelings towards Ryan Gosling (like most girls do), and the other is her deep friendship relationship with Justin Timberlake, in which I always enjoy watching them two together.

Image: Justin Timberlake recently showed up for an interview on Ellen’s show.

3. Awards: Ellen just received her 20th People’s Choice Awards, which marks the most awards received by any celebrity for this particular award, which has been running for 43 years. Also worth noting is that Ellen received “Favorite humanitarian” in 2016 for this same award due to her constant contributions towards charity. Besides this incredible feat, Ellen hosted multiple large award ceremonies and is also granted with multiple Emmys, Medal of Freedom last year from former president Obama, and many more awards throughout her career. Although she may crack jokes at how receiving awards is “normal” for her, Ellen still remains extremely humble as a public figure and truly displays charisma.

Image: Ellen made history to be the first to get 20 awards in People’s Choice Awards.

On top of all this, Ellen is also sharp at dressing and fashion, in which she started her own clothing and shoe line ED by Ellen two years ago; she even got to create her own emojis called emoji exploji. To sum up, isn’t Ellen DeGeneres just a really loving figure and basically a perfect role model?

Image: Ellen looks sharp in an ad for her ED by Ellen clothing and shoe line.

This article was written by HC Waseda Guest Writer, Angela Chung.