Single and Mingling

As I walk down the street after class, my Sagittarius mind turns on - as an university sophomore,isn’t it most important to enjoy my life to the fullest? It is then that I realized I’m still standing at the starting point and not even close to making a move. To conclude, my number one current goal is to brighten up my social life. Due to my upbringing, getting involved in social activities has always been a big challenge for me; how can I be more approachable, and how can I make friends more easily? These relentless questions are still eagerly waiting for my response; there are no absolute answers to these questions, yet there has to be an answer, at least. Besides opening up and broadening my social network, dealing with real relationships has also been of my concern as I step into the university world. Having studied at a girl’s international high school in Japan for four years straight, tbh I don’t even know how to interact with guys anymore. In university, there are lots of guys on campus, and it’s definitely easy to gaze at hot guys based on female instincts. But where do I go from here, and what’s the next step I shouldtake? I certainly don’t want to harass a cute stranger cause it might leave a bad first impression on them.

Since I’m a cooler type of Sagittarius girl, I used to not mind other people’s businesses or even care to get acquainted with guys. However, things happened and changed me. It’s hard to describe in words, but I’ve changed these two years in order to become more approachable and also eager to get to know more… I would say cute guys. I have some close guy friends and can basically share any intimate feelings with them; any possibilities of dating a close guy friend? To me, it’s highly probable and I’m open to any… good opportunities around me. From October of last year, something interesting started - I guess you can very vaguely call this an experiment of some sort. I first started to, ever so slightly, sense what male-female relationship - although not a real one - actually is: you care about someone to the extent of wanting their accompaniment nearly every second, and you feel cherished to be loved and cared by the quasi-SO. We were good friends at the beginning.

Not to get into the details, but I learned a lot and grew internally from this experience. Taking reality into consideration, it is truly not easy to maintain a relationship: in fact, quite difficult. Don’t both sides have to give up - no matter to a big or small extent - of themselves in order to accommodate with the other side? However, being in a real relationship still has a lot of merits for sure. From John Gray’s famous novel Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ,managing a mutual relationship can even be considered as a life’s lesson to learn. Perhaps I was too timid and afraid to break out from my comfort zone. Making new guy friends or even trying to enter a relationship can certainly bring many positive benefits into your university life. What’s most important is that you shouldn’t rush (I should remind myself of this). Continue to be single and mingle and who knows, your Mr. Right might be just around the corner

This article was written by HC Waseda Guest Writer, Angela Chung.