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Reasons Why I Would Like to Become a Teacher

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Hello, everyone.  Today I would like to share my dream with you. I hope this encourages you to stay positive even when you have a hard time.

The quotation I mentioned at the beginning of my writing was told by Walt Disney. But why did I use that quotation? It is because I would like to introduce myself by talking about my dream. What is my dream? Well, although going to Disneyland in California is one of my dreams, when it comes to occupation, my dream is to become an English teacher. 

I have two reasons why I want to become an English teacher. One reason is that I like the English language. Simple right? Despite the fact that I am still learning English, I like to analyze the English language. I am especially obsessed with linguistics which is a study of language. As a linguist, I ask many questions about language, such as what a language is, what functions a language has, what relationships language and society have, and so on. I believe analyzing a language is helpful for learners to acquire a target language much easier and quicker. 

In Japan, it is required to take English classes, but many people do not like those classes. I think the main reason is that needless to say, to acquire a second language is very difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, I would like to help those who struggle with English with my linguistic knowledge. 

Another reason is to save students from mental illness. This is a kind of serious matter, but there was an incident that made me think of becoming a teacher. 

Generally speaking, adolescents cope with many kinds of problems, including family relations and friendship because that is the time that human kinds develop their physical and mental capacities a lot. Therefore, while some people can overcome it, others may have serious mental disease and sometimes it causes suicide. In Japan, the number of young people who commit suicide is a serious problem. Hence, I would like to save those people from suicide. Why did I come to think of it? It is based on my experience. 

When I was a senior high school student, I tried to kill myself because I had difficulty in friendship. I coped with it, but I messed up. At that time, one teacher listened to my words carefully and gave me good advice. Thanks to my teacher, I am here to write about myself. Since then, I decided to be a teacher to save a student’s life. 

In brief, in this essay, I talked about my dream and the reasons why I want to be an English teacher. I do not know if you have a dream now, but I strongly believe that having a dream makes us much stronger. 

Also, you may want to think about how you can help others based on your experiences. There are ups and downs in our life. When you are desperate, you may feel you are useless and cannot do anything. But that experience will help someone who has a similar problem and who is in need. 

You are not alone. You can use such an experience to help others. If you do not have any dreams yet, think about what you can do for others based on your experiences. I am sure you can help others by reflecting upon your past. I always keep in mind that there is nothing impossible as long as we believe in ourselves. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Hello. This is Takuya Higuchi. My pronoun is he. I am majoring in linguistics at Waseda University. I like singing a song, reading a book, and playing baseball. I am currently teaching English and Spanish in some high schools. Nice to see you all!
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