Profile: Jessica Chen

Born in Taiwan and having experienced a unique international background, SILS first-year Jessica Chen not only has an optimistic personality but is also willing to share who she really is. Read this article to know more about her.

Her Campus Waseda: What do you like to do in your free time?

Jessica Chen: I do various things in my free time, such as watching YouTube videos or hanging out with friends. I especially like to watch videos of cute kittens and puppies and also funny epic fail videos; it comforts me that I’m not the only one failing all the time. I really love to eat food, and sometimes I like to sit and chill on the couch at home while drinking a hot cup of tea or cocoa.

HCW: Have you participated in any circles/clubs?

JC: I’m not participating in any circles or clubs at the moment, but I’ve previously participated in musical clubs and sports clubs when I was in middle and high school. I was part of the girl’s basketball team in my middle school, and our basketball team was the champion team. I still feel proud of this big sport-related achievement that I’ve had.

HCW: What are you passionate about?

JC: Put simply, I’m passionate about people and food. I like interacting and socializing with people, and especially getting to know talented people really inspires me, such as people who write amazing rap and song lyrics in particular. One thing that I also love is when I see people make other people laugh or when someone makes me laugh. Getting to know more people is so much fun because people have such different point of views; it’s always interesting to know what their perspective is. The reason why I love food so much is that I believe food can bring people together. For me, I think happiness and food comes together as one.

HCW: What is the most unforgettable place that you’ve visited?

JC: I would have to say when our whole family went to a Viking Museum in Norway. By the time we got there, the museum had already closed. It was pitch black, super cold and the last bus had already left. We huddled outside, waiting for my dad’s friend to come pick us up. It got so cold, and my sister and I started inventing dance routines to keep warm. If anyone was watching us, they probably thought we were homeless.

HCW: What is your ideal job for the future?

JC: I would like to be involved with humanitarian work or participate in NGO. I am personally interested in the field of international relations or some area that combines IR together with environmental science.

HCW: What is your favorite part of Waseda?

JC: For me, my favorite part of Waseda is how there are so many students in each department and each year. It’s like I’m one tiny piece of an entire puzzle. People are so diverse and there’s always new people to get to know on campus. Also, I really like the idea of how there are so many meeting rooms, lounges, chairs, or W-spaces to meet with friends or people on campus! It is so cool.

HCW: What do you like most about your life?

JC: Because I went to a tiny girls’ high school, I feel like coming to Waseda finally dropped me into the real world. I feel like there are no limitations to what I can do here. Like, I can procrastinate as much as I desire, but I can also go and achieve my dreams. Also, knowing that I have friends who will continue to motivate me and cheer me up makes me enjoy life.