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This is Not An Ordinary Fashion Website

One glorious day about four years ago or so, I was searching for an alternative source to the major names like Vogue.com and Elle.com for all my fashion-related news when I chanced upon an interesting site that appeared to be run by a small team of people, but nonetheless carried – and still carries – a loud and meaningful message; and I quote, “Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.” I remember thinking that such an open declaration that yes, you can be an intelligent independent female and love to spend time browsing through racks of clothes, was quite a rarity at that point in time. Doubtlessly, this was no novel notion. But for that belief to form the backbone of an entire website that would soon quickly flourish to become one of the fashion industry’s most recognized participants, was a demonstration of this position to an entirely new and awaited level.

Four years later, I still browse Man Repeller on the regular. The site has grown considerably to include more talented writers and diversified content since the first article I read under this URL, and its voice has only become stronger and clearer. What kept me hooked initially was the founder, Leandra Medine‘s witty and authentic style of writing which translates into the most enjoyable and thought-provoking reads in my opinion, but I have also become a fan of many other aspects of this site. For example, their articles to do with innovative fashion experiments including this one where the writer’s boyfriend tried to dress her for a week as well as attempting to wear a nightgown during the day as an actual outfit! Our outfit choices are arguably a subconscious representation of who we are or who we aspire to be, so this writer took outfit selfies everyday for a month to figure out who she was.


For those who wish to step out of their comfort zone and dress a little more daringly, there is perhaps no one better to turn to for inspiration than the Man Repeller team because they take like to risks with fashion and encourage you to have fun too. They can show you how to wear a bright yellow blouse for five days in a row or how to style red boots in five outfits. Of course, what’s a fashion website without updates on the latest happenings in the crazy wonderful world of fashion. From Met Gala information + insider secrets to Chanel runway reviews, Man Repeller’s got you covered. I like how the writers put their own personal unique spin on the reporting of such events that are so widely and copiously written about.


Man Repeller doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations. Some articles touch on the issue of racial and gender discrimination (see I Talked to 3 Women of Color on How it Feels to Work in Media), some articles seek the deeper truth behind the seemingly perfect lives of social media influencers (see Anonymous Influencers Get Real about Their Industry). A recent article investigates if it is fair to call Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle “progressive”.


I’ve barely scratched the surface as to the wide ranging variety of content Man Repeller contains. A quick scroll through the site would immediately reveal that this is not just a place for fashion lovers, it is a place for real people who love shopping that are also intellectually curious, progressive thinkers, fun-loving, celebrators of successful women, and maybe a little quirky too. This website has changed the way I approach and think about fashion, maybe it’ll change yours too.

Liberal Arts student at Waseda University from Singapore. Lives for the beauty of words, images, and the occasional pastry or two. Also blogs at https://amandakjy.com/.
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