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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waseda chapter.

The Bangtan Boys – abbreviated as BTS – is crazily discussed and loved by millions and millions of worldwide armys. My admiration for them started with their AMA debut performance last October; since their DNA hit performance, I started to sink deeper into the spiral of “becoming an army”.

Throughout this year, I have stayed in front of my Mac every time BTS is set to perform at an award show; knowing that BTS had a campaign with Puma, I brought their special edition sneakers; because their BT21 Line sticker is too cute, I changed my iPhone case to a BT21 character case; realizing that BTS is returning to Taiwan for their 2018 world tour, I am lucky enough to get their 12/9 concert ticket and flew back to my hometown for that mere purpose. When there was a chance to get 2 free BTS T-shirts via answering a short online survey, I immediately took it without much thought. With all of these, I guess I am a qualified army. As a relatively new army, here is what I have to say for each of the 7 members.

BTS (left to right: RM, V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin and J-Hope) gets festive through their photo shoots with Naver x Dispatch. (Photo Source)

1. RM, the charismatic leader Namjoon

Starting with the amazing leader, I would say that RM is truly underrated. Despite not being the eldest member, Namjoon’s calm personality makes him the perfect leader for BTS. Besides the fact that he is a great leader and rapper, Namjoon’s singing talent is also underestimated; you will get what I mean after listening to his recent mixtape Mono. Just back in September, RM represented BTS to deliver a breathtaking speech at the United Nations. What else should I say? All hail the leader, Kim Namjoon.

2. J-Hope, the vitamin fountain Hobi

One of my favorite members of BTS is definitely Jung Hoseok. There’s just this vibrant positivity that I feel he emits 24/7, which is the reason why I fell in love with this guy. Not just at major award shows, but you can see J-Hope smiling and somewhat goofing around during US Television Show appearances and at their own concerts. Hobi is a skilled rapper and spectacular dancer; you have to check out his dance moves – Orange Justice and The Robot –  when the entire group did the Fortnite Dance Challenge on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show. How can you not love J-Hope?

3. Jin, the cold-joke master and childish Seokjin

My other BTS bias is Kim Seokjin, also known as worldwide handsome. Being the eldest hyung (older brother in Korean), Jin never fails to take care of the younger members, which is why armys call him the mother of the group. Yet, Seokjin enjoys displaying his young, childish side towards other members and armys on camera and during concerts. Trust me, some of his cold jokes are quite cold; but it is also this reason that Jin is able to crack me up whenever I need a laugh.

4. Suga, the underrated taciturn Yoongi

I would have to admit that I stan for other BTS members more than Min Yoongi, but my mind definitely changed after watching the 12/9 live concert in Taiwan. I am surprised to see Suga’s cute side as he was running around and jumping on stage, just like a little kid. We also need to talk about Suga’s incredible songwriting talent as he is able to create prolific music with meaningful lyrics. Yoongi may seem quiet during most public appearances, but you can tell how much he enjoys performing on stage and being part of BTS.

5. Jungkook, the well-rounded golden maknae

Where should I start with Jung Jungkook? Talent, appearance, charisma, angelic voice, cute, everything. No wonder why he is crowned the ‘golden maknae’ (youngest member of a KPop group in Korean). Kookie likes to fool around with other members, which is one reason that makes him adorable. Besides this, Jungkook is an amazing vocalist as he does cover songs on YouTube with his beautiful voice. He continues to show his dancing talent through the performances, and there is no doubt that armys go crazy when Jungkook shows off his abs as he performs Fake Love.

6. Jimin, the perfectionist cutie ChimChim

Oh my god, how about the sentimental perfectionist Park Jimin? His face when he smiles is probably the cutest scenery that all armys have captured through BTS’s performances. Due to the fact that Jimin learned contemporary dance, it is a blessing for armys’ eyes every time we see him or J-Hope dance as they are known as the best dancers in the group. Another reason why ChimChim has many fangirls is because of his stage charisma. As a perfectionist, Jimin really knows how to present the best side of himself through stage performances.

7. V, the fangirl heartthrob TaeTae

Last but not least, the BTS visual (with Jin) Kim Taehyung. Even though V is only 22 years young, armys can recognize his charming low vocals every time he sings. This can be heard in the BTS hit The Truth Untold, which is sung by the vocal line V, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook. His killer visuals, such as his most recent red hair, truly garnered fangirls all around the world. Armys also like when TaeTae does live videos with his cute dog Tannie because 1 cute plus 1 cute is greater than 2 cuties.

Yes, you can say that I’m a bandwagoner, but what I cherish about BTS is not just how they slay their performance all the time. Their closeness as a family since 2013 and humble attitude that never wavered from the beginning of their career made me become an army that wants to support them long-term. They are young and globally successful, but BTS continues to give credit towards the backstage staff during their tour or their management company BigHit (of course, to the armys as well). To all the armys out there: let us continue to support BTS together during their difficult times – when haters intrude and during their successful times – when they acquire awards or release new hits!

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