Linkin Park and C.B. Syndrome

With Linkin Park being the one and only super American rock band sharing the same birth year as me, it is hard for me to describe my fondness with this talented group of musicians. It’s not difficult to guess what the band is (from the title) as they are still loved by millions of fans worldwide... they’re Linkin Park!! Despite the fact that I listen to almost all types of music, I certainly have to dedicate a specific LP playlist since they have so many powerful global hits since their debut at beginning of this century.

Their debut album Hybrid Theory is close to celebrating its 15th birthday this October, and "In The End", perhaps their most successful song, is one of the songs in that album. Therefore, we can conclude that Linkin Park’s firm popularity will only start to grow instead of fade, even though so many years have passed since their first appearance. Just listening to one of their nearly hysterical, punching songs is enough to help me release my accumulating stress or somewhat depressed feelings from time to time; I firmly state that I am diagnosed with Linkin Park syndrome.

Linkin Park’s charming group photo taken for promoting their 2017 tour.

Other remarkable songs such as "Faint" (their craziest song), "Numb", "Breaking the Habit" came from their second album, showing how globally successful each of their albums have been. When you’re considering the best recent rock band, I assume LP can definitely be nominated as one of the top 3. They recently released their 7th album One More Light just back on May 19th, and new songs such as "Heavy" and "Battle Symphony" are currently ranked high on the US Billboard charts.

Besides LP, I am also particularly fascinated by a British electronic group formed 9 years ago, C.B., which stands for Clean Bandit. Many of you might not be familiar with them since this group consists of one female and two male members and is still known as a fresh music group, yet what makes their music so fascinating is their seamless instrumental accompaniments intertwined with catchy music rhythms. "Rather Be", released 2 years ago, and "Symphony", their new song this year, are two amazing hits.

Clean Bandit’s cool group photo taken for promoting their 2017 tour.

When it comes to listening to English pop songs, occasionally you do need those catchy, more cheesy songs. How about when you need instant energy to get pumped up or simply want to release repressed emotions? Why not give a listen to Linkin Park and Clean Bandit’s songs?

This article was written by HC Waseda Guest Writer, Angela Chung.

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