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Lazy Ways to Stay Warm


We are now approaching the peak of winter here in Japan and wow how I wish I was in the tropics. I know that it can get frustrating layering on the clothes for this weather without looking like the Michelin man. I am a huge believer in being bundled up in bed and hibernating during the winter but sometimes we do have to go out, so here are some ways I stay warm without looking overly stuffed.

  1. Pack on that heat tech! How did people survive winter before heat tech? I don’t think that I can survive without it anymore. Heat tech leggings under any pair of trousers are a must for me. If you are wearing skinny jeans, make sure you wear the regular heat tech leggings and not the extra heat ones. If you feel like you need extra warmth then try wearing tights underneath your leggings for that added insulation. As for your top half, try wearing the turtle neck heat tech tops underneath your sweaters. If you decide to just wear the heat tech turtle neck on its own, then wear a tank top underneath – trust me that although it may only a tank top this makes a difference!  
  2. Kairo or “カイロ” These are an absolute lifesaver. If you’re not already aware of what this is, it’s a heat-generating little warm pack that you can keep with you. My trick is to make sure you buy the type that can be stuck onto your clothes. I like to stick them on my belly area on top of my heat tech and sometimes on my back so that I can stay warm throughout the day. It’s a nice trick if you want to keep your layers minimal and not freeze. Make sure you also keep the regular Kairo packs in your pockets as mini heaters.  
  3. Wear thick head scarves If you’re like me and feel like beanies don’t quite look right on you, or you don’t feel like ruining your hair then opt for head bandanas or scarves that are wide enough to cover your ears and keep your head a little warmer. This is a really easy way to accessorize and keep your ears out of the cold. If you change your mind and feel a little chilly around your neck, larger bandanas or scarves can double up as neck protection.  
  4. Coats with a down on the inside I don’t know about you guys but I don’t particularly like the look of down jackets in general because a lot of them look a little quilted. I also don’t like having to layer too many layers sometimes because I’m too lazy and would rather just pop on a huge warm coat. When I discovered my big oversized long coat that looks like a regular coat, with a hood and down on the inside I was over the moon. These are a perfect throw-over-anything and are super warm and practical.

I know that a lot of my suggestions are probably already followed by a lot of people but if there are any you haven’t tried out yet, give it a shot! Remember that heat tech is your best friend this winter. If all else fails, just remember to keep your head, bum, and feet warm!

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