her again pt. 1

I stare back at the glass

while someone looks at me

her eyes stream pass

as I tried my best to flee


I tried to run away

hoping she would be gone

but there she stays

like a person I’ve drawn


I stand still

with an expressionless face

even though I felt ill

from the constant face – to – face


“you will never pretty”

she mutters with disgust

adding a hint of pity

feeling that comment is a must


I felt my heart start to sink

as her words start to hurt

I started to considerably blink

while tears fell on my shirt


“you already know that you are”

she suddenly said

creating another scar

which I started to dread


her black eyes started to gaze

each and every part of my body

“here comes her nightmarish haze”

as I touch the mirror profoundly


Photo by Min An from Pexels


- E. S.