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Get a fresh start: How to reset and recharge 

April always seems like the perfect time to reset and create a fresh routine. Perhaps this is because the traces of spring that come from the blooming flowers and growing sunshine, marks a new beginning. But whatever the time or season may be, it’s always important to check in with yourself every now and then, to reflect on the effectiveness of your everyday routine. Do you feel productive? Do you think you’re not making enough time for something you should? Is your current routine draining your battery - do you leave enough time in your routine to recharge? Take reading this, as your sign to truly evaluate what your routine should look like, so it perfectly suits you

Here are some things you can do to create a sense of a fresh start and add to your routine, while also feeling recharged and energized! 


1. Change your diet 

You are what you eat, right? Your energy levels are influenced by your diet. Try including meal prepping to your routine so you give into cravings and binge eating less easily. Make sure your meals have the recommended mix of grains, veggies, proteins, carbs, and fruits! 


2. Pay attention to your mental health and create time to rest 

Being so productive to the point where you feel exhausted and worn out all the time is actually counterproductive. Create time in your routine where you get proper rest. Some people feel relaxed while scrolling through their phone in bed, some meditate, some nap. You do you.  


3. Identify what drains your battery 

It’s important to realize which activities in your routine are especially draining so you can find ways to make it less exhausting, or follow it up with ways to recharge. If being online all the time in zoom calls or watching lectures makes you feel drowsy, try making the time to take small walks outdoors after you feel like you’ve been sitting down too much. Or give yourself tea breaks! Or why not journal to let your mind loose? Choose what feels good and right for you. 


4. Stretch and exercise

Stress builds up if you don’t move around. Exercise can make you feel energized, so it’s important to create time in your routine for this. Again, the key is to find what works for you. You don’t need to do a HIT workout everyday if that isn’t your thing. Try some yoga, do some stretches, just make sure you’re moving your body somehow throughout the day. Getting some sort of exercise, even if it’s for 20-30 minutes, can give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. 


5. Spend time with close friends and family

Being around and talking to people you love and care about can give you great and positive energy. This is why it’s a great way to feel recharged and motivated! 


6. Declutter and organize your surroundings

You need a clean and organized space to feel fresh and motivated! Avoid clutter and messiness - it can translate to feeling cluttered and unorganized in your mind. 


7. Unplug when you need to

Ironically, recharging yourself can mean unplugging from devices. We’ve all probably had those moments where you go on your phone to take a break, and then realize you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or funny videos for an hour or two. While it’s okay to do this when you want to take a break, don’t make it a habit to spend so long on your phone or devices when you don’t need to. We already spend so much time online now, with zoom meetings, online classes, and etc. Enjoying the time you have away from the screen is important. 


8. Make you time

It's so easy to get caught up in the fast-pace life. Feeling busy can make us feel like we're being productive. But along with creating time to recharge and rest, it is important to make time for the things you enjoy doing. Perhaps this means reading for 20 minutes before going to bed, or practicing an instrument. Don't forget about your passions and hobbies, and how they require your attention to flourish and make you happy! 


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