Foodie: Food Photography Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to take nice photos of your food, but struggled to do so? I know I have! Not only do I suck at editing photos, but I also don’t really have the patience to take the time to arrange my meal into an Instagram-worthy shot. After coming to Tokyo, however, my interest in keeping a food journal — in other words, an album of the nice food I eat — peaked. A few minutes searching through the App Store introduced me to a simple and highly useful app called Foodie.

Foodie, like many modern photo apps, is straightforward and easy to navigate through. Upon opening the app, you are given the choice of editing a photo already in your phone’s album or taking a new one with the filters provided. The icons give you an idea of what filters to use for certain foods — for example, the SW filters will look better with sweet, brightly-colored things like ice cream while FR is designed for fresh produce. I’m personally of YU1 and PL1 because they enhance colors nicely without being overwhelming. Below are a few examples of the photos I’ve taken with the Foodie app! 

Another interesting feature is the “Top View” mode. As the name implies, Foodie recognizes when you’re taking a photo from the top-down angle. I’m actually not quite sure what it’s supposed to mean because I rarely use the angle that activates this mode, but this article suggests that it’s meant to let you know when you’re using the best angle for the photo you want to take. 

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to capture the amazing food you come across in Japan, make sure to check out Foodie. Not only is it free (yay!), but its accessible layout makes food photography a piece of cake!